Taking Tefillah, Emunah and Humor on a Journey to Healing

I get extra chemo as a prize for good behavior?” questioned Ann with her trademark sense of humor. “I thought people get time off for good behavior.”

Ann Goldberg’s doctors were in for a surprise. They’d never had a patient quite like her — and probably never will.

That was just part of  Ann’s journey through radiation, chemotherapy and major surgeries, including an ostomy and all the discomforts that entailed. Ahead of her she had many months of pain, distress and depleted energy.

But she already knew that most things are more bearable when taken with a dose of humor. Or a grain of salt. Or a new type of “bag” she has to lug around. How big of a dose she would need this time, though, was far more than she’d anticipated when she was thrust into this new journey, caught unawares, right in the middle of the train of life.

Accompany Ann on this journey to healing and see for yourself how intense tefillah, awareness of Hashem, and most of all, a positive outlook, coupled with humor formed a personal recipe for her recovery. 

Through the pages of this insightful book, you’ll gain clarity and perspective from the illuminating sections on tefillah…along with insights into strength and tools you can tap into to help you face your own challenges — whatever they are.

Ann Goldberg’s essays and articles have appeared in publications such as Mishpacha, Ami, Binah, the Jerusalem Post and the Jewish Press, and on numerous websites. She also coaches writers and offers courses that help them get published. Ann made Aliyah from the UK over 35 years ago with her husband and children and now lives in Jerusalem. 

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Patient: Taking Tefillah, Emunah, and Humor on a Journey to Healing: Book Review
By BJLIfe/Sharon Altshul
Posted on 10/22/20
Jerusalem, Israel – Oct. 22, 2020 – Before the corona pandemic, there was another “C” word which affected world health and killed millions. 
Cancer was spoken of in whispers or hints, and often the illness was kept quiet in the immediate family or in the circle of the patient’s very close friends. 
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks recently announced that he is being treated for cancer, an example of how the situation is changing.
Ann Goldberg has been a writer for over 40 years with work published in a long list of international publications including Writer’s Digest, Jewish Chronicle, The Jerusalem Post, Ami, Binah, Mishpacha, Hamodia,, and She has taken her journey from a diagnosis of colon cancer through successful treatment to compile a memoir intended to help others. 
Her practical list of do’s and don’ts when a friend or loved one is sick is important to know and remember. 
When Ann Goldberg told her editor and good friend Rhona Lewis that all the tears, laughter, words and essays of the past year and a half were morphed into a book, the response was “I could finally say the C word. Goodbye to colon cancer. Hodu laHashem ki tov!”
During the Yomim Nora’iim unable to go to shul recuperating from a surgery, Ann had time to read Rabbi Sacks commentaries in the Rosh Hashanah machzor. She quotes “life may be hard but it can still be sweet…Jews never needed wealth to be rich nor power to be strong. To be a Jew is to Iive for simple things…the gift of community where we help others and others help us and where we learn that joy is doubled and grief is halved by being shared. To be a Jew is to give whether in the form of tzedakah or gemilus chassadim.”
A significant number of the sixty chapters conclude with ‘Tefillah Topics’ and ‘Medical Matters’, I would have liked an index to easily access the inspirational and useful information provided throughout the text told in a straight forward and honest manner.
“I have been greatly moved by the messages I have received from people about the chizuk the book has given them and also the laughs. I am so grateful to Hashem that my book is a source of both comfort and inspiration to people going through medical challenges,” Goldberg told BJL.
On a lighter note, Ann mentioned several people have invited her out for iced-coffee. When this corona is over I also hope to be able to meet her, for an iced-coffee get-together. (if you read the book you will understand.)  
Refuah shelama to all.
Publisher: Tfutza Publications    ISBN: 978-1-60091-795-0
Hardcover    264 pages      $23.95 US, 89/90 shekel

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