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I  feel it is a privilege and get great pleasure helping people express themselves and achieve publication of their work – and I also learn a lot from all those I help.


I sent ……..,. the essay I wrote for last weeks class and they have accepted it. Wow,I may have paid for these classes already.

You have been a great help and advisor over the last month as well as giving me lots of information and a broader perspective on publishing options.

My essay was accepted by … Without your encouragement I probably wouldn’t have submitted it .

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your detailed and enlightening reply to my query.

As you can see it was accepted MANY,MANY THANKS it wouldn’t have happened
without you.

Here are details of the course and editing options.
          Thank you for your helpful critique and inspiring words.

Thank you for you investing so much time and thought to edit and explain. I learned a lot…

Thank you again and again- not only for the essay but also for the encouragement

I  am so grateful to your giving me so much expert guidance, so graciously and patiently.

Thank you, very good points, lots of food for thought. Thank you for taking time out to offer so much advice, really appreciated.

Thank you very much for your critique.I have already learned a number of lessons.Thanks for the insights on publishing.

I have so much to thank you for.

Check here  for details of the course they took.

        The suggestions you made about the stylistic aspects of my writing were very helpful
and  I shall incorporate them into the piece.

I’ve gained a lot from your lessons — Thank you for all your help.  They’ve always imparted important, helpful and very “inyan’ni” information — with grace and good humor.

Thanks to your comments and ideas , I think I may have a winner here!

Excellent Ann! Thank G-d for editors!

Thank you  for your patience, guidance, support and encouragement.

You have just expanded my mind !To think I could publish in these kinds of markets? Never ever considered it!

You’re a very inspiring teacher.

I’m finding myself writing quite a lot at the moment and it’s getting better based on your critique of my essays.

Ann this was hugely helpful thank you so much.

You’re a great editor plus a talented writer AND a considerate teacher. I can’t thank you enough for your valuable input.

I want to thank you for helping regain confidence as a writer. I hadn’t written anything for a year;  Your expert interventions are setting me on the way — I can’t thank you enough.
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