It’s NaNoWriMo Time.

What’s NaNoWriMo?

National Novel Writing Month

Yes it’s almost November the month when many writers, intent on writing a book, latch onto the enthusiasm and support of the community of NaNoWriMoers.

Since 1999 NaNoWriMo has been there for thousands of writers providing a community of support as well as tips and hints on how to achieve the goal of 50,000 (unedited) words – a first draft of your book- in one month.

It doesn’t matter if you edit half of the words out later on. You’re not looking for perfection.
Quite seriously, it’s quantity not necessarily quality you’re aiming for.

Why am I giving it a plug?

Without NaNoWriMo, my book PATIENT would never have seen the light of day.

It’s not a novel… and I didn’t manage to write anywhere near 50,000 words . But I did set aside that month just for starting on my memoir. I wrote as much as I could, even when it meant refusing other writing projects and letting the family live on cornflakes for most of the month.

I wrote far more than I have written in any other month in my life

And the result was enough for a publisher to say “Yes please – keep going as fast as you can.”

And that was more than enough to sustain me through to the end of the first draft in February.

It’s not easy to just sit down and write a book.
It takes preparation and practice and that’s where the NaNoWriMo community steps in and helps.

Do you have an idea for a book?
Check out their site. Get a writing buddy to join you so you can have fun together and be accountable to each other.
And when it seems you can’t write another single word your buddy and the writing community will egg you on.

Go for it and good Luck.

Have you written a book? Did NaNoWriMo help you?

Please let me know.

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