How to Improve Your Writing

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 How can you improve your Writing?

By writing…regularly.

At best you could write articles, stories and pitches – but if you’re staring blankly at a blank page, then describe yesterday’s breakfast /  the contents of your closet / an email to a friend – anything to get the writing going.
Aim not to stop until you’ve written at least 250 words and preferably 500-1000

How do you improve it even more?

By reading….regularly.

Articles, stories, books, newspapers, Especially things in your genre, but also anything else that’s good writing as well.
Read as a writer. Analyze why the writing resonates with you, why it sounds so good. Remember all the things you learned about and see how it measures up. Does the author show and not tell / use dialogue appropriately / keep the suspense up but not confuse or disappoint you.
Look at the opening and ending. What technique is the writer using.

How  do you  improve it even more?

By taking appropriate writing courses… regularly.

With the aid of a good teacher and critique your writing will continue to grow and improve even after you’re already being published.
Try a new genre or if you’re happy with the type of writing you’re doing then take a course with another teacher.
Even though I write and teach writing, I still take courses regularly and learn and gain from each one.
Check out these sites and courses
Make A Living Writing
Writers Digest
Women on Writing
and of course this one

How do you continue to  improve your writing?

Find a writing buddy. Someone whose writing you admire and who will give honest, constructive criticism – just as you will for him /her.

Good Luck



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