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We all need  some new or different markets to keep our creative juices flowing , otherwise  the blank page, the most threatening aspect of a writer’s life, stares at us daring us to write something that is unmarketable.



One site that always inspires great stories is the Chicken Soup book site. Here they give a list of all the current titles they are working on and for which they are collecting stories. The variety of options is bound to spark some great ideas.

Check their deadlines carefully although none of them appear to have a immediate deadline looming.


Do you live and write  somewhere other than your  native country. If so you should take a look at the site  Writers Abroad which, from May 1st will be collecting  submissions for their next anthology entitled Kaleidoscope. The are looking for short stories, flash fiction or poetry connected to their broad theme of ‘light’.

The theme is open to interpretation: your light might dispel evil, or reveal something unexpected in the darkness; perhaps your character ‘sees the light’ in a revelation; or light may have an important role in your setting. Firelight can destroy or warm and illuminate; or you may be inspired by the difference in light in other countries. The anthology will be print published and later available as an e-book.

All the details and entry rules are on their website.

SASEE –   It’s All About Women   Sasee Cover: May 2015

Essays of interest to women on any subject: essays, humor, satire, personal experience.

Every month has its own theme and the deadline is six weeks before i.e. the 15th of the previous month.

August’s theme is The Joy of Friendship with a deadline of June 15th
Ideas they give you to start your creative juices flowing are
August- The Joy of Friendship
Deadline 6/15/15
How did you meet your best friend?
Does your best friend have four legs and fur?
Why are our pets so important?
Why did you adopt a shelter animal?
Girls’ night out – one or two friends or a large group?
Reconciliations with old friends
Stories of childhood friends
Social Media – have you heard from your high school boyfriend?
Which friend makes you laugh the most?

SKIRT  Skirt® is all about women...their work, play, families, creativity, style, health and wealth, bodies and souls.

Their monthly theme for August is

August – The Local Issue – deadline July 1st
Essay Theme:
What “home” means to
you, widely interpreted…
a take on “no place like
home” or “home is
where the _____ is…”


BRAIN,CHILD    The magazine for thinking mothers

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To get a good idea of what they are looking for,read through their guidelines and submission procedures.
They are not your usual happily-ever-after- market.
They cover some difficult, painful  parenting experiences.

Especially on the look out for humorous essays and essays about teens.

Now also welcomes flash fiction.

Do you know of other markets we can add to this list?


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